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Hi all can anyone help I've just moved a Dodonea which was growing under a walnut tree, and now looking to replace it so its a shady spot, well drained neutral soil. I would like something shrubby or tallish perennial which could grow up to a metre or a bit more, evergreen would be nice or even variegated, flowers would be bonus, thank-you Roy.



What about some of the varigated Abelia or Fatsia

5 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Badfish we're going to the garden centre tomorrow so I'll check those out, Roy.

5 Oct, 2013


Euonymus aureopictus should cope okay there. Bear in mind that walnut trees are, to some extent, allelopathic, meaning other plants get killed by, in this case, juglone, which the tree produces, and the effect increases as the tree grows and spreads its roots more. Some plants are more sensitive than others - off the top of my head, azalea and hydrangea are no no's, so choose carefully. Black walnut is the worst (Juglans nigra) but even if you have the common walnut, that's often grafted onto black walnut rootstock, though not always.

5 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Bamboo for that I don't think it's a grafted one because I was talking to the son who's father planted it from a seed. Everything else that's planted under or around it seems to be OK, I'll bear that in mind and the euonymus you mentioned seems good. Roy.

5 Oct, 2013

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