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I was wondering if someone could hopefully put my mind at ease. One of my Camelia's has lost a lot of it's leaves (it's almost bare). Will that mean that I have lost this plant or should it come back? I would be very grateful for any help! Many thanks in advance! x



can you carefully scrape a tiny bit of the bark with your fingernail--you are looking for green underneath I you find none at first try nearer to the root but try to damage the bark as little as possibl. Even if you find nothing don't do anything drastic until the weather is warmer-- late spring/early summer even then carefully take it out of the pot and check over for signs of life

23 Feb, 2010


Well, hopefully it isn't in a pot... I would think the hard winter has caused it to lose its leaves Up4, I know from friends it has been very cold and snowy in Belgium. I'd leave alone right now and see how it is in a few months time, if there are signs of new growth great otherwise then, and only then try scraping the bark away very gently with your thumb nail to see if it green underneath. Scraping now, even a small amount will allow the cold into the stem which isn't a good thing.

23 Feb, 2010


Thank you Pamg AND Moon grower so much for your advice.
I have two Camellia's which were both moved in mid October (when I was advised to do it) however, only the one has lost most of it's leaves. It is the one which is more open to the elements and the one which looks like the buds are burnt with the frost. I have to say we have had a really bad winter here in Belgium, (down to -18 deg one or two days) but like everywhere, lots of snow. I will leave the plant for now, it was more to set my mind at ease (it's been really bothering me) and you have both done that, so, once again, thank you very much indeed! x

23 Feb, 2010


The one thing Camellias HATE is to get sun on them when there is still frost on them. You need to make sure that yours are in positions whereby the sun can not touch then in the morning,

23 Feb, 2010

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