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Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

My cordyline ( 16 ft )Has also lost several of its crowns, this winters heavy frosts the cause . Some of my toes have also dropped off ,........will they grow back too?
Regards Arty (manchester ( UK)

On plant Cordyline australis



Cordylines and Phormiums have taken a real knock this winter, a lot will not recover. It goes to show that eventually we have a winter that sorts out plants which are not trully hardy to us. I expect a lot of Hebes will be gone as well, thank goodness we have plenty of wonderful hardy plants still to chose from for our climate.

23 Feb, 2010


If any more of your toes fall off, try planting one as you might be able to grow a whole new you. If your cordeline still has undamaged crowns, then I bet it'll grow new crowns to replace the ones it's lost from lower down.

23 Feb, 2010


Lol Sid.....crikey it must have been cold in Manchester! Yep Wyeboy some of my Hebes have succumbed.....think the Cordyline will be'll need to prune it when all danger of frost has should sprout again then.

23 Feb, 2010

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