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Hi I asked If Any one New What This Plant Was Been To G. C. Today It Is Jasminum Officinale The Gardner said it Would Be ok In A Pot And Would Need a Feed With Organic Soil Improver. It Will Give Small White clusters Of Very scentedIt Should Flower Mid Summer To Early Autumn. The leaves Turn Yellow .i will Have To Cut Back One In Three Of The Shoots. Choosing the oldest Stems This Will Maintain a good Display Of Flowers.




I have one of these so that's useful information, Lynda. Mine has never bloomed much but makes a lot of growth. Thanks.

6 Oct, 2013


If that Jasmine blooms while its in that pot, I reckon I'm a monkey's uncle...

7 Oct, 2013


It will survive in a largish pot but Bamboo is quite right. It is not a pot plant and requires more room. If it flowers then you will be forcing Bamboo and I to get married and I will be a monkey's aunt.

7 Oct, 2013



7 Oct, 2013


Hi. Bamboo ,Do You Think I Should Put It In The Ground. I'm Only Going Off What The Guy Told Me At The Garden Centre. He did Not Mention It Being A bamboo. Please Tell Me What I Should Do. Pennyfartin. As Also Got This Plant And The Information I Put On Here.She Say's it Will Help Her. She Two Will Benefit From Your Knowledge.

7 Oct, 2013


It is not a bamboo, Lynda, my name on here is Bamboo. This plant is exactly what the garden centre told you it is, Jasmine officinale, and as I told you earlier, in the ground, it will get up to 35 feet by 12 feet wide - but it will flower if its in the ground. Whether you've got room or not for such a large twining climber (which will need a very strong support up which to climb) is for you to decide.

8 Oct, 2013


I grew one in a pot on our balcony in Spain in 1996. I've found a photo of it on my computer but it's not just of it alone & it's also quite a small photo. I can't remember the size of the pot after nearly 20 years but it certainly wasn't very big. The plant was several metres high & was covered in flowers for months on end! My wife likes it a lot & I bought it for her. I don't remember now what happened to it but I had to leave it behind when I returned to the UK 12 years ago. My son probably threw it away after it died on him!

10 Oct, 2013


In Spain, you'd have been able to have some of the other varieties which are tender outside here, Balcony, and most have scented, mostly white flowers which look very similar - some of those varieties are smaller and will flower in a largeish pot.

11 Oct, 2013


Thanks, Bamboo, I'm sure the one I had was Jasmine officinale though I can't be sure, especially after more than 20 years have gone by! It was about 3m tall & I kept it fairly small with pruning.

15 Oct, 2013


That is very small for the 'officinale', Balcony. If it was flowering at that size I reckon it was some other jasmine. I tried growing another one (???) about 8 years ago, during my 'exotic plants' period, in the hope that 'global warming' meant I could grow tropical orchids in my window box. I'm afraid it lasted only the summer months and was completely compost by November. Bit easier in Spain I think. Since experiences like that I have become very keen on members of the dandelion family round here.

16 Oct, 2013


Thanks, Sarraceniac. You maybe right. But as I said after more than 20 years I no longer remember, just that it was a Jasmine, possibly it didn't have a proper label. They may also account for my not being able to recall its proper name.

18 Oct, 2013

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