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Seeds from Cyprus
When I visited Cyprus in2007, I picked up seeds from the ground. Some I knew, Jacaranda of which I have 2 lovely young trees! From large yellow seeds, I have now 7 young plants. The one I attach a pic of has swollen base to the 'trunk' and palmate leaves. Some of the plants have more kidney shaped leaves, tho the newer plants were only sown this yr(!)so I dont know the mature leaf shape yet. I wonder if they're Jatropha?! Can anyone help please.
It appears that my photos are not being attached, is this anything to do with that I am using an Android Tablet?



Your photo didn't come through and I'm sure other members can advise you about uploading a picture.

Jacaranda trees are really beautiful. I saw some growing in Tenerife and would love to grow one over here. However, they are tender plants and wouldn't survive our winter. I assume you're growing these in pots and keeping them indoors over winter? The problem with that is they can grow very big, 20 - 30 meters tall.

7 Oct, 2013


Thanks Myron, I saw the beautiful Jacaranda in Cyprus, I am a 'seed-aholic' as well as 'plant-aholic' so I have to collect any if I can. It was exciting to have the few germinate for me, I know one of mine died & one I gave to my brother! Yes I keep them in the heated greenhouse during winter. It'll be interesting how big they get. My photos have previously been fine to add to my questions or anthing else but I've in the past used a laptop. Quite often these Android tablets haven't been accepted for specific operations.

8 Oct, 2013

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