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Hi, How do I add a picture to the "insect" section? I'd like to add this one...Praying Mantis...he's king of all things creepy.

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This has to be nominated by someone before it is added to the goypedia, Bathgate, can you see under your photo there is a nomination tag, but you cannot nominate your own pics.

12 Oct, 2013


Yes, I see it. I'm pretty new to this site and still finding my way around. Thanks for the response.

12 Oct, 2013


You're welcome B.gate, it takes time to find your way on this site but it shouldn't take long if you dabble most days! Do you see the alphabet at the bottom of the page? this helps you find plants, designs etc. just press 'C' for cacti for instance and you will find lots of other peoples photos. Have fun.

13 Oct, 2013


I will thank you. Paul

13 Oct, 2013


Can somebody please vote the praying mantis into the insect section? I know he looks ferocious but he is only a threat to other bugs - mainly the ones we'd rather do without anyway so he is our helper in the garden. He/she blends in with the surroundings so magnificently, you'd probably wouldn't even notice him.

31 Oct, 2013


Paul, I have nominated it, don't know if it will win though!

1 Nov, 2013


Thanks Grandmage. I'm sure it will be "love at first sight" when they see this photo. Don't you agree? :)

Paul, I have nominated it, don't know if it

1 Nov, 2013



1 Nov, 2013


Grandmage, I never noticed the alphabet at the bottom , so I'm still finding my way around too!

4 Nov, 2013


Feverfew, it takes time, now you have found the a-z it kind of shows how 'big' this website is, doesn't it?

4 Nov, 2013

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