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By Xavia

pretoria, South Africa Za

i have found out that i have mole krickets and went and buy washing powder to put on the grass , then i wet the grass and there the little devils came out, so they said if your neighbours don't do the same it wil come back .
parently they say it eats your new grass that came out , what else can i try



welcome to Goy, I'm no help at all Xavia but are they an insect? hope someone else here can help you-

24 Feb, 2010


No idea what insect you are talking about sorry...

24 Feb, 2010


I went on Google and typed in the name Mole krickets & it brought up info on your problem, I havent hered of them in the uk, they look a bit like our earwigs.
Good luck on getting rid of them also you have to treat your lawn at the right time or it wont work, sorry I couldnt help more, hope someone will be able to help you more.

24 Feb, 2010


I'm not able to advise either, sorry, this is not a problem we have in Britain - looks like Google might be your best friend!

24 Feb, 2010


We have mole crickets here in France and I frequently disturb them in the compost heap in spring when I take out the compost. They get put out on the vegetable plot where they don't do any damage at all.
I think they are only a problem with ornamental lawns but you would have to have a sizeable problem with them to really cause a big problem.
They are quite easy to pick up and dispose of, in my experience, if you are really worried.

24 Feb, 2010



25 Feb, 2010

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