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I planted crocus bulbs, a couple of years back, in my front lawn to naturalise, they grew well, but last year we had an influx of rabbits which ate all the flower heads off. My question is (because there is no sign of them this year) will they produce this year? It has been very cold here, but other crocus bulbs are appearing and there doesn't appear to be any sign of the ones in my lawn. It could just be me that is being impatient, but I just thought maybe they had been damaged beyond redemtion. It will be a shame because they were just beginning to multiply and look good.

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If the rabbits ate the leaves as well, then it may take the crocus a while to recover. Wait and see if you just get leaves later on when the soil warms up.

24 Feb, 2010


My crocuses aren't doing much yet, so be patient a while longer. Even if the leaves were eaten the bulbs should still come up again. What rabbit proofing have you got for this year? A gun, a pie-dish, some pastry?

24 Feb, 2010


thank you for your replies, have rabbit fenced all around the garden, but unfortunately they can still get through the hedges around the fieldside, poor things got mixamatosies (know thats not how you spell it) it has lessened the pesky things, but I still don't like to see them in the pain they were in it is a horrible disease. Will keep my eye open for any green shoots coming up, thank you again for your response.

24 Feb, 2010


...and are those chickens in the corner of the picture?

24 Feb, 2010


yes volunteer they are my babies, unfortunately since that picture was taken I have had to fasten them in, because we have had lots killed by a pesky fox. one of the disadvantages of living alongside an 80 acre wood. I cannot stand to see them being slaughtered willy nilly, the fox just killed them for fun, I wouldn't ,mind if he killed for food, but he could have gone for the rabbits not my precious lilac pekins!!

24 Feb, 2010


We have had that problem too, but our bantams can fly so they escaped up to the top of the Perry pear.
We cannot grow crocus in the garden, mice dig them up and eat them. So not only do we lose the corms we get nice little holes all over the place too!

24 Feb, 2010

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