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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

My new pond is finally finished and a friend has a water lily which has grown too big for her small pond and has offered to split it with me. A kind offer, but neither of us is sure when this should be done,, or how. Can anyone advise please?



On most water lilies the leaves die away in the winter and they become dormant, but I reckon if you did it now before it gets too cold it should be OK, Roy.

9 Oct, 2013


Forgot to say the roots are quite tough and you need to cut them with a saw or an old bread knife. Roy.

9 Oct, 2013


I split mine in the spring. you can then see where the new growth is going to coming from. they are pinky red tips in the 3 different lilies that I have. lift the dormant rhizome and either cut with a sharp knife or saw. try to have at least 3-4" of older rhizome with it as there is stored food in it.

9 Oct, 2013


Thanks you two, I'm going to see my friend at the beginning of next week, but as things temperature wise are set to drop, I think I'll advise her we'll be best to wait until perhaps March/April next year. Cheers!

9 Oct, 2013


Go for it now. Get it established for a good start in spring

10 Oct, 2013


water lilies are dying back though Hortum. so as they will be dormant soon I find it easier to lift late autumn when fully dormant or early spring before growth commences.
Waddy I don't use planting medium, I tie the rhizome into the basket with fishing line and fill the basket with clean gravel. the roots grow through the mesh and take what ever nutrients they need from the water. mind I have fish in the pond to 'add' the extra nutrients :o) if you get my drift.

10 Oct, 2013


Bear in mind though that if your pond is small and her lily is vigorous it may soon get too big for yours too and you might be better with a smaller variety.

10 Oct, 2013


Thanks again you guys.
My friends pond is actually smaller than mine, Stera, so it should be fine, at least for a few years.
SBG I'm definitely going to wait until spring, but that's a good 'planting' tip. I have both gravel and a basket, so sorted there. However, I won't be having fish, too much temptation for a little lady, so will I need to add nutrients?

11 Oct, 2013


no not really. do you notice any pond life in it? the animals will be adding their own 'nutrients'.

11 Oct, 2013


Not yet, it's still a bit new although there are some 'wiggly' things! :)

11 Oct, 2013


I looked for a pic of you pond on your latest blog but no luck!

11 Oct, 2013


It's on my latest blog SG.

13 Oct, 2013


How's the pond doing now? And did you get the lily?!

17 May, 2014


Doing great thanks and the lily is just starting to send out leaves and I think I can see a flower bud in there too ;0
Take a look at my latest Blog 'For Pamg'

18 May, 2014

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