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By Stroll

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

hi all; will i get a heavier crop of potatoes if i cut the the flowers after blooming



You may get more if you cut the flowers before they open, but the evidence doesn't seem convincing either way!

24 Feb, 2010


Hi,Stroll,and welcometo GoY.It depends what variety of potatoes you are growing too,as they don't all have a lot of flowers,but it doesn't seem to affect the yield anyway......

24 Feb, 2010


Some potatoes don't have a flower at all. If the ground is well manured, the potatoes kept fed and watered....that should give you a good crop. Of course some varieties are better cropping than others........Hope this helps.....and welcome to GoY. :o)

24 Feb, 2010


I seem to remember Bob Flowerdew of GQT fame talking about doing this and recording improved yields as a result. In theory it should work as the energy goes into the stems and tubers rather than forming seeds, but the real difference would only come once the flowers set and begin to produce the little green poisonous fruits.

24 Feb, 2010

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