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Help please.I have an azalea in a pot ,it's shedding all it's leaves.The pot is on the hall table. should the plant be outside ?I would be greatful for any advice.



whenever i've had them I find that a cool frost free place suits them--has it had enough light-- is the atmosphere dry you could mist it--they are not supposed to like cold or tap water , just for a few ideas-- compost too dry or wet? I wouldn't put it out until summer in a fairly cool and shady area and bring in before first frosts I said all this I'm assuming that its the azalea indica (Hope it helps Tulsa :)

24 Feb, 2010


Thanks pamq I've been watering it from the bottom with tap water, and the atmosphere could be a bit dry in the hall. so it could be that.

24 Feb, 2010


I have one, in a pot outside.
This one dropped quite a lot of leaves and i didn't really know why so i moved it to a more open position and i think its problem was too dry.
It's been fine ever since, no flower buds there though, so i wonder if i've lost them now ? :-(

24 Feb, 2010


It also needs plenty of natural light. Most peoples front halls tend to lack this.

24 Feb, 2010


check your acid in the soil, they are if i remember a acid loving plant should be grown in ericulas compost not sure i spelt it right ,most people call it eric compost, check this out on the web before you buy,, lots of luck ,,,,bryan

24 Feb, 2010


my brother's plant did this last year and after he moved it to a brighter spot it did recover. He also had it close to a radiator so it just got rather too warm. He has it on a tray of damp pebbles to increase the humidity. He repotted it this year in a good ericacious compost.

good luck with it Tulsalady

24 Feb, 2010


Thankyou all for the help I think it lacked light and was possibly too warm,i've now moved it , hopefully it will recover.

25 Feb, 2010


Thats right Sbg now that you've said it I used to put them on damp pebbles as you say :o)

25 Feb, 2010

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