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Lawn aeration.

The implement below made a surprisingly good job of removing plugs from the lawn but how important is it that I should throw dry sharp sand on and brush it about to fill the holes ?




Sand isn't what you should throw about as a top dressing - depending on whether your soil is heavy, loamy or sandy, top dressing mix consists of peat, loam and sand in varying ratios, so for heavy soils, you'd make a mix of 1 part peat, 2 parts loam and 4 parts sand (lime free), but for sandy soils it'd be 2 parts peat, 4 parts loam and 1 part sand. It isn't absolutely critical that you apply this - it makes for a healthier lawn long term, but just aerating and leaving is okay.

10 Oct, 2013


Sorry Bamboo, but I would disagree with you on this. The sand in the soil is washed down by rain and you need to replenish this as a top dressing. The idea of top dressing a lawn with sand after aerating it is to get fresh gritty material to the roots that has been washed down into the soil and encourage growth.

10 Oct, 2013


Nowt wrong with a different opinion Myron, but I should have given the reference for that information I gave, Hank - taken from D. G. Hessayon 'The Lawn Expert'.

11 Oct, 2013


Thanks B and M, for your replies. I'll be into it this weekend.

11 Oct, 2013

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