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I was given some Fuchsia cuttings by a friend,and although she had lost the original label,thought it was
called either of these 2 spellings of "Bees Jublateen"or
"bees Jublatine".I have googled both,but it comes up
unknown.Sorry,i don't have a photo,but it is a tender,compact ,upright variety,with small pink flowers that face upwards.As I have done some for a friends
charity day,I would prefer to have the correct information,for the buyers.Hope you can help.thank you.

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There's a Clematis called 'Bees Jubilee'? Or a Fuchsia called 'Bee Keesey'. Or try contacting the British Fuchsia society?

24 Feb, 2010


I wonder whether your fuchsia might be Waltz Jubelteen. It is pinkish and has upward facing flowers. If you Goggle Waltz Jubelteen and have a look at some photos. Hope this helps

24 Feb, 2010


I have that clematis,Volunteer,but will try both your suggestions.,thank you..
Sn747,that sounds hopeful,so will try that also. Thanks.
Will let you know what I find soon,much appreciated for your help.....

24 Feb, 2010


Have now found it,and it is definitely Waltz Jubelteen.I think my friend must have been thinking of the Clematis too.Thanks to both of you ,for your advice....

24 Feb, 2010

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