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Why does my Jasmine not flower ?

I have no idea what sort it is unfortunately. I bought it about 4 years ago from a well know DIY store and the label just says "Jasmine".
At the time of purchase it was in flower. Every year since it hasn't flowered and I wonder if I am pruning at the wrong time ? It stays green long into the autumn/winter so I cut it back to about a foot high every spring. It then grows like mad but never flowers. Should I prune now rather than spring ?



What colour were the flowers, white or yellow? If they were white, this plant should be thinned out after flowering, so around June. Cutting back hard at any time usually means you'll get no flowers at all the following year, which is why they suggest you 'thin out'. If it had yellow flowers in early spring and the stems remain green all winter, that one can be cut back hard, immediately after flowering has finished.

10 Oct, 2013


Thanks Bamboo. The flowers are tiny white ones.
So when it dies back this year don't do anything with it ? Then what do I need to do in June, not quite sure what to "thin out" means. Sorry I am a bit of a novice.

10 Oct, 2013


So probably J. officinale then - that's why it hasn't been flowering, you've been cutting it back every year, lol! Thinning out just means removing flowered shoots, maybe taking out a quarter of stems at the base as well. Be aware that this climber gets 35 feet by 12 feet eventually, and it flowers best if its never pruned at all, but leaving two thirds of the growth untouched each year should mean you get flowers.

11 Oct, 2013


Thanks Bamboo, OK I will have to prune at some point. so leave as it is now, don't trim back, then in June remove 25% of the stems at the base. Then in 2015 I might get some flowers lol. Might think about replacing it then :)

11 Oct, 2013


You should get some flowers next year, as you haven't done a heavy cutback this year. Fingers crossed!

11 Oct, 2013

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