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ID Please. The first one looks like a sort of crocus. This was growing about 700 metres above sea level.
Second one looks like some sort of Narcissi, growing on the beach. The third photo is the " Narcissi " ? seeding.
All taken in Turkey, in the last week.
Thanks in advance

Sam_0684 Sam_0755 Sam_0757



1 Colchicum , not sure which.
2 Pancratium maritimum

12 Oct, 2013


1 Probably the white form of Colchicum speciosum, it is growing in the right place. Crocus have three stamens and these seem to have more, therefore six which gives it as Colchicum. Nice picture with the hoverflies pollinating it.
2 Pancraticum maritimum which grows all around the eastern Mediteranean coast.

12 Oct, 2013


Thanks to both.
The sea daffodil ( Pancratium maritimum ) is actually pollinated by hawkmoths. Fascinating info on this site.

12 Oct, 2013

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