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By Titchy

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have a fuchsia called mandarin cream. Last winter I moved it into the garage, but I was hoping I could leave it outside from now on, is this safe?



As far as I can tell, F. Mandarin Cream isn't a hardy fuchsia - if someone else knows it is, hopefully they'll say. What that means is that you can never leave it outside all winter if you want to keep it, it will need protection from frost every year. The other thing to note is that, even if it were hardy, fuchsias are sensitive to frost through their roots, so in pots, they're still vulnerable, hardy or not.

12 Oct, 2013


Thank you Bamboo, as I love this fuchsia so much, it'll go into the garage like last winter. Better safe then sorry. I have a few Fuchsia which I can leave out every year, and they survive, they seem to be where they are well protected even from the hardest frost, thank you again

12 Oct, 2013


If you love this one have a look at Celia Smedley, which is hardy and has very similar flowers..

13 Oct, 2013


Steragram Thank you, checked Celia Smedley out and yep will try and get it. It's beautiful

15 Oct, 2013

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