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How do I grow Meconopsis (Blue poppy)?



Meconopsis require a moist, humus rich soil in part shade. If you live in the drier east and south east you will find them more of a challenge than thos who live in the north west.

25 Feb, 2010


You could also look under the Plant solution section of the RHS website. You can put in what you're trying to grow and it will provide advice and tips. Here's a link

Hope this helps. Sarah

25 Feb, 2010


One thing I have learnt about meconopsis - a crown that flowers then dies. If your plant has several crowns then it's not a problem but if it only has one crown, then you are looking at a plant that won't survive the winter. They need moist soil and regular precipitation to form those extra crowns which is why the drier southeast causes such a headache to grow them. It is often better to remove any attempt the plant makes to produce flower stems in the first year to encourage it to build up more crowns first.
RHS Wisley, which is 20 miles from me, treats them as annuals because of this growing trait

25 Feb, 2010


Some Mecs are monocarpic, ie they take two to three years to reach flowering size, flower the once and set seed, then die. Up north, Andrew, our blue mecs tend to keep going for years because our climate is more suited to their requirements.

25 Feb, 2010


Yes, that and tropaeolum speciosum are two that grow well in Scotland but which really struggle down south

25 Feb, 2010


Oh how I wish I could grow them, I've no chance as my soil is on the alkaline side of neutral.

25 Feb, 2010

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