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Can anyone give me a positive ID on which Meconopsis this is likely to be. It is evergreen (grey foliage). The growing point/centre of the plant is very attractive. The third photo shows one of three plants. This one seems to be two plants but I'm not sure if it is one plant spreading or if two seedlings were potted on together.

Meconopsis_question Poppy_heart_of_thre_plant P1120565_edited_are_there_two



I doubt that anyone can give a 'positive' id, Sg, the genus seems to be so confused. My own guess would be M. nepaulensis but why not try asking the Meconopsis Group at, they are the ones trying to sort the muddle out. I gave up trying years ago and just enjoy them for what they are.

12 Oct, 2013


Thank you Bb. I will try that. I bought it at the SRGC sale and it might be from a pack marked wysiwyg. I might be better to wait until I see some flowers before asking but I have had them growing away for two years without a flower. I am concerned that if I allow them to flower they will die on me. The silvery grey leaves are very attractive in their own right.

13 Oct, 2013


I am afraid that you are correct in that they will die after flowering as they are a monocarpic species. If it is Meconopsis napaulensis (I have corrected the spelling) it will produce a tall stem with numerous yellow or reddish flowers along it. Very beautiful but you will need to collect seed.

13 Oct, 2013


Thank you for that. I have just checked and it is a seedling which I grew from a packet marked "wysiwyg pink perennial hybrid"

13 Oct, 2013


I have googled the name and there seems to be a suggestion that if you forego the first year of flowering the plant will build up and although the following year the flowering stem dies off with any luck you might be left with the other plants that are alongside giving the impression of being a perennial. Kevock website says it might be 3 or 4 years of enjoying the foliage before there are flowers. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

13 Oct, 2013


And are you hard hearted enough to cut off its flowering stem next year????? I have heard this advice but never tried it.

13 Oct, 2013


Definitely. I am too soft hearted to kill a plant so I can see what the flower looks like in year one when it can grow and flower for years. I did it last year with the ones that flowered this year. DK if you read my blog on Papaver and Meconopsis but I did cut the flowers off last year and then spent a finger biting few months when the plants disappeared below ground. I was heart broken at the thought of having discarded the flowers and still the plants had gone. I spoke to 'Stan the man', you know who I mean, and he said some did die right back and just be patient. I was and was awarded with a grand display this year which I hope will just get better as the years go on. I even had a white bloom. Lingholm is supposed to be the easiest to grow and you may not have to cut the flowers off it but, as you pointed out earlier, they seem to hybridise at the drop of a hat, or pollen, so you can never be sure of the parentage of any meconopsis by just looking at it. The group you mention seem to be having to do DNA testing to establish blood lines of the various plants they see. Very technical and a bit beyond my need to know parameters. I am hoping to add pink to my collection so "Off with their heads".

14 Oct, 2013

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