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By Kilda

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Can anyone identify the grey hairy growth in this photo? It has just appeared in garden





17 Oct, 2013


I think Moon grower has lost her voice,Kilda :o)
It looks more like decaying matter to me,but I may be long is it since you turned the area over? maybe just a get rid off the dead leaves etc,and a little dig over, it may be all it needs..welcome to Goy .:o)

17 Oct, 2013


I answered the wrong question and had to go in and delete :) Is this a zoomed in close up Kilda?

17 Oct, 2013


This warm damp weather seems to be encouraging moulds and fungi.......

17 Oct, 2013


I presumed something like that,Mg..:o)

17 Oct, 2013


I think this is a caterpillar, not one but loads. They spread this silk like web at certain times of the year. I do not know what type it is and have not looked on google, but I can recall something like this happening last year locally to me.

17 Oct, 2013


Thanks for all your replies. Whatever it is it's growing and has/had roots (I've dug it out ). Will look out to see how quickly it comes back.

18 Oct, 2013

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