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how do you look after chinese lampion



Physalis alkekengii? They like moderate warmth (23º-35º C) moderate and regular water, and moderately rich soil. Best production of the "lanterns" with full sun, though it can tolerate much shade.

17 Oct, 2013


23-35 c ???

To be honest kazza, they can be a bit invasive. I grow mine from seed in a mixed herbaceous border....part sun, normal chalky loam and no other attention and they spread like mad. If you see some, ask if you can dig a few roots up.

18 Oct, 2013


thanks. i have just planted some outside but the leaves seem to be dying off should i do anything with them

18 Oct, 2013


Hi, as far as I am aware, physalis alkekengii, is completely hardy, although there are about 80 species, ranging from completely hardy, to frost hardy, but I don't know of 1 that requires 23-35c, maybe fahrenheit, that would about cover all the species, Derek.

18 Oct, 2013



20 Oct, 2013


LOL! Sorry, Badfish, but that IS moderately warm for my desert climate! :)
It will probably grow in temps at least 8º C lower, but if night temps go much below 10º C, it will probably think that it is time to go to sleep for the winter.

23 Oct, 2013

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