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Another one of the Herb Bible books adorning my bookshelf is out again! I wonder if anyone has what was rumoured to be Queen Elizabeth the 2nd's favourite herb... Meadowsweet? Apparently the Queen loved it for its sweet fragrant smell. A good remedy for flu, fever and arthritis, Meadowsweet contains the aspirn-type compound - salicylic acid. A brew/tea of this herb is an excellent diuretic.

How is it used? Make tea from the dried herb. Have a cup of the stuff daily.

If you do have this growing in your 'natural drug store' please post a photo of it so I and others can see what it looks like.

Thank you:)



It grows all along the ditches round here. Will try to remember to snap it for you.

17 Oct, 2013


Many thanks Steragram.

17 Oct, 2013


Meadowsweet is a common herb... just Google Gorgeous or wander around the countryside in spring.

17 Oct, 2013


Hywel did a blog last year including pictures of wild flowers. It's on page 3 of his blogs. I'd put a link but haven't mastered doing that when on my phone.

17 Oct, 2013


Thanks everyone:)

21 Oct, 2013


Ah well, perhaps I don't need to go out with my camera after all. It is still flowering round here but definitely past its best.

22 Oct, 2013

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