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Which garden pest is eating the leaves please ???

The leaves have been intact all year, but over
the past week the holes have appeared :o(((

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

On plant Brunnera macrophylla




No sign of baby snails I suppose Terra?

18 Oct, 2013


Hi Pam .. Thanks for looking ...
I checked the reverse of the leaves and could see nothing obvious... The holes are not at the edge of leaves, but further in, as shown in the pic ....

18 Oct, 2013


I think it could be some sort of beetle TT.

18 Oct, 2013


Thank you Hywel ..
I'll keep a look out for unwelcome visitors ...

18 Oct, 2013


They can look a wee bit tatty at this time of the year. Generally slugs don't touch Brunnera but the do reside underneath, possibly you've got a lazy one living under there TT :)

18 Oct, 2013


I agree with the others,Terra..lots of them taking shelter now,on plants they don't usually go for..on the undersides of leaves..and in between the leaf joints by the stems.I think.they have found a good umbrella on your Brunnera, shall I add a :o) for a possible answer, or a :o( for having to look for them ? lol. xx

19 Oct, 2013


Thanks Sandra ..
I don't know whether to cut off a lot of the leaves ... the plant is near my front door and the leaves have been looking so pretty...

I give you :o))) for possible answer ..

and :o((((((( for nasty beasties chewing my favourite leaves .. xxx

19 Oct, 2013


I don't know if it's slugs TT ... they usually rasp the leaves as they go along, and leave a trail.
Small individual holes like that are usually made by beetles.
There are some 'good' beetles, so I don't know which ones it would be.

Or it could be baby slugs lol ...

19 Oct, 2013


Hello Hywel ..
... or baby beetles ... Lol.

They are certainly not good beetles if they keep chewing my favourite plants ... they are naughty beetles..

Thanks for following this :o)

19 Oct, 2013


Hi Angie .. Thanks ..
Just saw your comment ..
I'll keep a watch out for lazy slugs ..
.. and not so lazy beetles.. ;o)

19 Oct, 2013


I had to chop mine back last winter TT - my new driveway was getting done and it was in the way.
The frost did a little damage to new growth but nothing drastic and it didn't stop it flowering.
You could take a chance now if you know the weather isn't going to take a bad turn!

19 Oct, 2013


That's useful to know, Angie ... thanks ..

22 Oct, 2013



23 Oct, 2013


Thanks Digginfit ..
I've just googled those and it seems earwigs make very similar leaf holes in Ontario hop yards !

23 Oct, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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