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By Damow

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is anyone familiar with the metal garden arches made by Tom Chambers? Can't seem to find out if they push into the ground or are fixed in some other way. Sold on Amazon as a Classic Garden Arch if a picture would help with the enquiry. If anyone out there has indeed got one, are they sturdy? Thanks all.



Try having a look ON

18 Oct, 2013


If it's the same one that a friend of mine has, the bottom of the four legs just push into the ground or the whole arch could be self-standing, but he has set the legs in concrete. Hope this helps?

18 Oct, 2013


Thanks for those. I checked the T.C. site but that wasn't specific either. I'll keep looking and will leave the question out there for some more feedback.

19 Oct, 2013


There will be a contact us page on the TC website - why don't you try email them and ask. I would do as Myron's friend has done. Finding out the length of the feet and comparing to the actual height of the arch will give a rough idea on how sturdy it would be.

19 Oct, 2013


I bought one this year. they go down about 10" into the soil then there are cross struts that can be pegged down/screwed down too. I have been delighted with mine.

19 Oct, 2013


Thanks Seaburngirl, that's the kiddy!

20 Oct, 2013

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