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I have several buxus, all well established plants in large tubs. I have most of them bronzing at present, all but two. These two are twisted cones and were quite expensive, so i would like to save them. They are both in exactly the same pots, no roots exposed. One is green but in mostly shade. The other is in a sunnier position throughout the year and has turned yellow, not healthy at all. I think it is dying. I have not disturbed it, nor done anything diffrent to it than the others.I desparately need your help. Many thanks

On plant Buxus sempervirens



Have you tried changing the compost and feeding them?

Mine are quite bronze at the moment but I think thats normal once they have been outside for the winter. The new shoots are bright green. The, ones in the garden centres are all so green, but not for long....!

26 Feb, 2010


As it seemed very happy in its pot, I have not wanted to disturb it. The compost it was originally planted in was quite gritty and as I have nothing like it, I have not changed it at all.
I am thinking that it does not like the sunny position? I will move it, epsom salt it and prune and hope that new growth comes.

26 Feb, 2010

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