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Clematis again! Further to my recent question about suitable clematis to go with a yellow rose on a north wall, I've been following up your suggestions and also googling until my mind is abuzz!
I have decided that the white one suggested is a must and looked for Victoria to go with it but have not found this in any local nurseries. They do have Gypsy Queen though, which is a deep purple. Does anyone know whether this would be successful in a large pot? I don't have space to plant both the clematis in the ground.



Will pot be in shade so you can keep roots cool? Clematis really like cool roots.

26 Feb, 2010


I have Victoria, it is gorgeous but I have mine in the ground scrambling through a New Dawn rose.

26 Feb, 2010


Yes Moongrower, the pot would be in quite deep shade. I know that some cultivars can be grown in pots but I don't know whether Gypsy Queen is a cultivar nor whether it is suitable for a pot. Perhaps you can enlighten me.
Meanwhile, encouraged by what you say, Seaburngirl, I'll look online for Victoria, or what about Victor Hugo? I want one that will flower quite freely and over a longish period as it's such a dull wall. I thought a purple and a white would go best with the yellow rose and if they flower at different times, the rose would still have a companion in bloom. Thanks,

26 Feb, 2010

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