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I would like to plant a hedge in a clay soil, would elaegnus be suitable?

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Yep, it has no problem with clay soil.

27 Feb, 2010


Thanks very much for that. Just one more question please. It's pretty much waterlogged at present with all this rain. Although it will drain away will this be a problem for Elaeagnus or would you recommend another type of hedging. It's just to seperate the end of the garded which I'm hoping to have raised vegetable beds from the lawn and flower borders.

28 Feb, 2010


Everywhere's waterlogged at present! The books say this shrub likes well drained soil, and doesn't like thin, chalky soil - I would think, though, that it will tolerate a bit of waterlogging every now and then, as long as its not six months at a time. It's pretty tough and I've grown it on solid clay which is either sopping wet or so dry it's cracked, and its survived very well.

1 Mar, 2010


Thanks - very helpful.

1 Mar, 2010

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