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By Nariz

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Can anyone identify this tree? We recently visited my daughter in the Alicante region and, growing outside her friend's apartment was a tree I'd never seen before. Unfortunately I have no photo but I'll try to describe it. It was about 12 feet tall and had oval leaves which were folded like butterfly wings with about 5 or six 'ribs' on the underside of each 'wing.' Anyone?



Not a clue - sorry.

27 Feb, 2010


A picture would be very helpful, but if the leaves were large, Catalpa bignoides leaves tend to hang folded if the weather's warm.

27 Feb, 2010


Thanks guys. Sorry I couldn't get a picture. The leaves weren't so much 'hanging folded' as appearing to be growing in two definite joined halves and, if opened out, would have had the appearance of ovals joined like butterfly wings. Sorry my description is not too helpful! No doubt we'll be visiting again in the future and I'll make enquiries then - or at least ensure I have my camera with me!

28 Feb, 2010


Could they be juvinile leaves of Eucalyptus gunnii?

28 Feb, 2010


Thanks Stjohn, but I don't think so as the juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus have a blue-ish hue and completely surround the branch. These leaves were in clusters and were dark green.

1 Mar, 2010

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