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I have a few housplants that I cant identify I spent hours on the internet can someone please help.
The first one I looked up using the name given by members but the leaves are more wavy on mine and the veins on the leaves don't match up.

Plants_012 Plants_008 Plants_006



The second one could be Pellaea rotundifolia (Button Fern), or Peperomia rotundifolia, or even Pilea nummularifolia if it has pinkish red stems - the picture's not close enough to the leaves and its blurry, but I'd go for the Button Fern. The cactus could be some kind of Cereus, but again, closer detail (like the colour of the spines, etc) necessary. The first picture shows a plant in pretty poor condition, so its difficult to be certain what it might be - perhaps Philodendron bipinnatifidum, or Syngonium podophyllum - does it flower?

27 Feb, 2010


I was thinking Syngonium for the first that the one called "Goose Foot"?

27 Feb, 2010


I would go for Syngonium for the first one too and also Button fern for the second. I know the third one for sure. It's actually a daisy, it's Senecio stapeliiformis (syn. Kleinia stapeliiformis).

27 Feb, 2010


Thank you everyone that helped identify my plants,now I can begin to take car of them the right way.
The first plant looks bad because my dog wanted to snack on it,it's been moved since.The cactus has a darker green arrow design going upward along the spines and the spines are green when it grows but darken to brown;they dont get any bigger than about 1/3 of on inch long.

1 Mar, 2010


Yes, the cactus isn't actually a true cactus but a cactiform stem succulent from the Asteraceae (Daisy family). It is definitely Senecio stapeliiformis.

1 Mar, 2010

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