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Hi, does anyone know where i can get a decent wooden mini greenhouse. I looked in the garden centre today and the one i saw looks very flimsy and would blow over in the first slight breeze. It also needs to be at a very reasonable price, i need it to start my seedling off and the plastic mini greenhouses are rubbish.



I don't know if you might be a DIY enthusiast, but as someone who usually ends up cutting off the ends of my fingers, I've found that making your own is often the only way nowadays, if you want a product that is fit for purpose, sturdy and effective.
For economy's sake, there are quite a few good small polytunnels on the market which provide more space for a lot less money.
But if you really want a good wooden one, take a look on the Internet by 'googling' "wooden greenhouse designs", and you will find quite a few sets of plans which you can use or adapt.
If you don't want to use glass, use polycarbonate panels, as the large panels are relatively easy to cut and much easier to fix into a wooden frame.
You can use ordinary treated pine for the greenhouse framework from a builder's merchant and hold the glass or plastic panels in place with beading.

3 Mar, 2010


Thank you for the advise, i have mentioned to the other half about making a few things for the garden (a bike shed being 1) but as he has pointed out he has a full time job, decorating the house as well as "sorting" the allotment so he has little time to do anything else especially as i have him on patio laying duty's. I liked the look of the wooden ones but they looked a little flimsy so looking on the net i gound some metal ones that i am toying with the idea. I am not very good at diy - thats why i keep the other half! (he he) I will keep hinting about the greenhouse.

Thank you again Bertiefox


5 Mar, 2010

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