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Saving garden soil - I'm hoping for a break in the rain at the weekend to start on the demolition of the raised borders in the back yard. I'm thinking about saving the soil to mix with compost and vermiculite as I bought a couple of very big pots which will otherwise take far too much potting compost.
Any suggestions for how best to store the soil? In a heap, in bags? should I treat it with anything first? I'm thinking of dosing it with slug pellets but wondering if there's any benefit at this stage in anything else.




I would make into a heap then cover (black plastic) this will help to stop any weeds developing and help keep it dry and just leave till spring, then mix with compost and vermiculite I would use a 50% 50% mix otherwise it may be to clagy for certain plants in pots .

As for treating for bugs etc I wouldn't waste your time or £

and treat in the spring if you have to or when needed.


23 Oct, 2013


Thanks. I'm not concerned with most bugs but I don't want slugs & snails proliferating in the dark, damp heap. And can't rely on there being a cold winter to kill them off.

24 Oct, 2013


just remove the covering in the morning a couple of time over the next couple of months the birds will have a feast !

24 Oct, 2013

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