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By Beegee

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

i've got two patio fruit trees ,an apple and a pear ,what can i feed them with and what is the best time for this



Apple and pear trees benefit from a high potassium fertilizer which should be applied between winter and early spring. There are fertilizers specifically formulated for fruit trees that contain the correct balance of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but they tend to be expensive and a fertilizer for roses would do just the same if it's cheaper. Alternatively you could go the organic route and use dried chicken manure pellets.

Having said that, I tend to use growmore for just about all my fruiting trees... cheap and cheerful. The only problem that I found can happen is that I don't think growmore contains magnesium and I've had instances of the leaves turning yellow because of magnesium deficiency. This is easily rectified though with a foliar spray of magnesium sulphate.

23 Oct, 2013


thanks Myron ,ill be trying your way ,Beegee,

24 Oct, 2013

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