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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

A patchy lawn.

I have scarified my lawn and put on an autumn feed,now there are some dead patches where the feed has killed the moss, can I put down lawn seed at this time of year.



No, not if you applied an Autumn treatment which contains chemicals. You'd really need to wait 4-6 weeks following application, and that effectively means till spring I'm afraid. You can try if you like, in a week or so, grass seed isn't expensive, but it's a bit late in the year for germination and growth, and the chemicals on the lawn may prevent it anyway, but you never know.
I'm a bit surprised there was any moss left to be killed if you scarified, though - is it possible you over applied the treatment in some parts and killed grass?

24 Oct, 2013


Indian summer, Apache lawn.

24 Oct, 2013


thanks Bamboo, as you say grass seed is cheap and with the mild weather the soil is still warmish, so I may try it and hope for the best. My lawn has got into quite a state and really should have had more scarifying over the years as its got lots of underlying thatch, really needs digging up and re-seeding, but its too much work for an old biddy.

And your comment, Hortum cret, made me giggle.

24 Oct, 2013


If you have an old baking tray or the like, fill that with soil and then sow the grass seed on that in a greenhouse. When it has decent growth cut it to fit bald patches in the lawn.

24 Oct, 2013


Kildermorie! That is a good opposed to sowing the seed directly on the lawn which I did a few months ago. My bald patches have disappeared now, thankfully.

25 Oct, 2013

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