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feed and seeds


By Blah13

belfast, United Kingdom Gb

Bought some Fish, Blood & Bone feed and Slug pellets. Was wondering is the feed ok to put around bulb plot and then the slug pellets was going to do it tomorrow if the rain stays off. Also with a few mags i got seed packs if i put them in multi purpose compost in a proporgator with a lid and then a small unheated greenhouse do you think i would be successful with them?? Thank you :-)



Fine to use the fish blood and bone and top off with slug pellets if you need to - but can I suggest you turn the fish blood and bone into the soil, or you'll have every cat, dog, fox, rat around coming to eat it if you leave it sitting on the top. As for the seeds, depends what they are, it might not be necessary for some annuals to have propagation, but check the packets - otherwise sounds fine.

1 Mar, 2010


fhank you bamboo. Ive got the day off tomara so that will be one of my jobs along with sowing some buls :-))

3 Mar, 2010

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