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Could someone please ID this plant, its in a neighbours garden apparently appeared from nowhere , its about a metre high and grows from 1 stalk, I think the leaf clusters look a bit like an Echium, thank-you Roy.

Image Image



A wild guess but I think Peony but maybe not.

25 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Gorgeousmama good thought, the leaves are quite hairy and bristley if that makes a difference.

25 Oct, 2013


well its not paeony.
echium might be a good suggestion.

25 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Seaburngirl I wonder which one ?

25 Oct, 2013


They don't look bristly enough, but if they are (and a picture doesn't show bristles), then echium pininana would be the one. Certainly vigorous enough. It'll need winter protection, I think, if it is that.

26 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Hortum the leaves certainly look like it, and of course they don't flower the first year do they. So if it lasts the winter they will have to wait until it flowers next year.

26 Oct, 2013

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