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My wife has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Are there any small techniques we could use to help her to continue her interest, even though it would be very small-scale, mostly carried out in our sun-room, at a bench to be made by one of my sons. I visualise potting-up bedding plants for the summer; small amounts of salad plants - anything to spur her interest and keep he active.



Am I too late to plant seed spuds for new potatoes for Christmas lunch? I have a large container I think might do, but I have no idea how or when to get started

24 Oct, 2013


I can't help with your potatoes but how about potting up some spring bulbs for a lovely display in springtime.
There are not many left in the GCs now but there are some available.
Can I add what a lovely idea and I am sure there will be plenty of ideas from our helpful members.

24 Oct, 2013


I think that your wife would love her sun-room seat and could spend many happy hours doing as you and Scottish have already suggested. Things that she can plant into pots would be ideal. You could have a plant sale next year or ask someone who is going to have one at a fair or fete to sell them for her. Bulbs and seeds for hanging baskets and pots sound good. And what about getting some herbs for a herb garden going? She could always start from scratch with those too.

As for your potato planting for Christmas Lunch, I personally think that it is a bit late but you might be otherwise advised by others on here. You could always experiment and see what happens if you put some in a container now :)

25 Oct, 2013


Sorry to hear about your wife Blipstercki, you might want to contact the Alzheimers Society for advice on how to help her continue to garden. Too late to plant potatoes for Christmas now they needed to go in late August early September to grow in time. Scottish's suggestion of bulbs is a good one and, if the container isn't too big, perhaps your wife could actually plant them?

25 Oct, 2013


Hello Blips...
Welcome to GoY ... good idea to look for ways to help your wife continue with garden interests.

I've nominated this question for GoYpedia Ideas for Disabled Gardeners.

If you go to the base of the page, and click on letter I on the alphabet, and then click on Ideas for Disabled Gardeners, you might find some useful ideas, blogs and photos of use there.

I hope this helps, and best wishes to you and your wife for happy gardening in 2014. :o)))

25 Oct, 2013


I to welcome you to GOY Blibs and such a wonderful idea for your dear wife.

Anything that would help would benifit I am sure.

My late Mum had this illness so I know personally what you are going through.

Wishing you every happy gardening in your sunroom.

25 Oct, 2013


I'm so sorry this has happened - something many of us dread. Your local dementia support group may have something organised for gardeners - some do- and they could perhaps give you tips they have found useful. You doctor or Social Care nurse may be able to give you details if there is one in your area. If your wife's memory is already very short something with quick results might be useful so how about salad cress which is ready in not much over a week and can be grown on damp kitchen paper. And you can enjoy eating it together in salad or sandwiches.

25 Oct, 2013


Please don't underestimate your wife's capabilities, so much depends on the extent of the condition - if she had an early diagnosis your wife could still be very active and very able to carry on gardening and you might make matters worse by consigning her to potting up bulbs. Your wife needs to determine what she is still capable of doing and to be encouraged to do as much as she feels able.
Gardening would be a useful form of exercise and therapy.

I'm sure you've been given the details but the Alzheimer's Society phone number is 0300 222 11 22.

26 Oct, 2013


You and your wife have my sympathy, and it's a good idea to have come on this site for ideas. My own favourite "sitting down gardening" is to tend dwarf trees . . . they are not formal Bonsai, but just small trees that I keep in shallow pots. If you have several, there is usually something each needs such as weeding and feeding the soil, adding grit, re-potting, and pruning the branches to make a nice shape. There are also plenty of books on the subject - good luck!

29 Oct, 2013

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