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seeds growing too LONG?

The seeds I planted a few weeks ago have started coming up and some are nearly 3"long and only have one set of leaves. I seem to remember them being less than an inch and getting second and third sets, then repotting. They are spinach beet, tomato, and all year round lettuce.

They are all doing the same thing, I suspect they are not getting enough light and so are continuing to go UP instead of OUT.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this as my squash colection (6 types) are just starting to come through as well.



It's going to be a late start to growing this year, seedlings raised too early will be drawn up and if you have no greenhouse or cold frame they will not survive planted outside. We are waterlogged here, no chance of keeping a tilth on the ground for a seed bed.

28 Feb, 2010


They are in the kitchen and lounge where it is warm, so is it the light entering the room that is not right? I have only put up the frame of the greenhouse so far.

28 Feb, 2010


I think they are not getting enough light and are too warm. DrB has hit the nail on the head, they've become drawn and you may just need to start again. Starting seedlings indoors they need to be somewhere cool and with a lot of natural light. I find it is easier to wait until mid March to try and start and veggies off even in a propagator, this year will be a very slow start. We haven't even been able to put the mini polytunnel up to start warming the soil for veggies seeds to go in.

28 Feb, 2010


Lack of light seems to be the problem. Try planting your seeds after the Spring solstice, 21st-ish march, that's when you will have 12hrs daylight - 12hrs dark and daylight getting longer each day.

28 Feb, 2010


thanks will start again

28 Feb, 2010

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