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I live in the North East of England - planted a grape vine in the garden South facing fence - When do I prune it and how much (cant make head nor tail of the information on web sites ??




I usually prune my grape vine Xmas day [its in the greenhouse] gets me out of the kitchen for an hour or so.

it should be pruned before the buds break in march [Jan or Feb is best]. cut down the long stems to a healthy bud. How far back depends on how much space you have and how much fruit you want. [I cut mine back very hard leaving only a bout 3ft height and 6-9" wide]and get plenty of fruit. then once it starts into growth don't prune as it will lose lots of sap and minerals as a consequence.

26 Oct, 2013


It is very confusing when they talk about rods, canes, spurs, cordons, etc. As mentioned, just prune it in the winter when the vine's dormant. I cut mine just above the second bud on the dead wood that comes off the trunk. These two buds will then be the new shoots for next seasons growth.

26 Oct, 2013

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