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Hi all could someone please advise on what to do with this, it's my little Plumeria has developed a side shoot coming from the base, should I nip it off or wait until it gets bigger and gain another plant ? Thank-you Roy.




Hi, are you sure it is a side shoot? it looks to me as if it could be a weed seedling, as it looks as though it has cotyledons, which a side shoot would not have, Derek.

27 Oct, 2013


I've just had another close look Derekm and it does look like a Plumeria and the leaves feel the same, quite leathery Roy.

27 Oct, 2013


if you grew these from seed could this be another seedling that is germinating behind the others? I'd leave it until it is bigger and when you pot on the other plant see if it is joined or a separate seedling.

27 Oct, 2013


Thank-you Seaburngirl like you say if its got a separate root system I've gained a plant.

27 Oct, 2013

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