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Hi everyone,
My Gardman cold frame has finally given up the ghost big time. I have an unheated greenhouse which I just use for growing seeds in spring and then tomatoes and cucumbers, but I do sometimes put the odd cuttings or potted bulbs into the cold frame. If these could go into the greenhouse instead I wonder whether it is really necessary to replace the cold frame? Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.



I overwinter most of the stuff I have in the unheated greenhouse. I only use the cold frame when I need space in the spring in the greenhouse for seedlings etc.
so yes you don't need to replace it unless next year you find you have run out of space in side.

28 Oct, 2013


We have both unheated greenhouses and cold frames and I find that I fill them all! During the winter the greenhouse is fine for bulbs and cuttings etc provided that it has plenty of ventilation. In the summer it can get rather warm for cuttings and a c old frame may be preferable but, as Sbg says, if you have plenty of room in the greenhouse and don't want to go to the expense of a cold frame then the greenhouse should be OK.

28 Oct, 2013


Thank you both for your comments. You have voiced my own concerns Bulbaholic about ventilation etc. even though the greenhouse has automatic vents it's not quite the same. I think I would miss the cold frame if I don't replace it so I think I've made the decision. But this time it will a better make than Gardman!
Thanks again to you both for your input.

29 Oct, 2013

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