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When plannting new Roses when should I apply feed and which feed is best.



I use fish blood and bone when I plant them.

28 Feb, 2010


Roses are Hungary fellas but mostly thirsty especially when first planted. If you've already planted them 'bare rooted' then they will fair well. Even so they will need regular watering for the first year. Yes they'll thrive on blood fish n' bone or well rotted manure or even rose fertilizer before and after their first flush. You'll be well rewarded.

28 Feb, 2010


When planting put lots of well-rotted manure and /or compost in the planting hole - mix it well in to the soil.(as with all shrubs/perennials - water the bottom of the hole well before you put the plant in, to encourage the roots to go down) Water them in very well, then add a nice (4-5") layer of compost all around each plant. A scatter of blood/fish/bone each spring and a spadeful of manure/compost should keep them growing well.

28 Feb, 2010



1 Mar, 2010

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