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Whats the best way to get rid of a wasps nest on my allotment



Give it a few weeks until good hard frost and then it will be empty. And they do not return to the same nest next year either.

30 Oct, 2013


Yes, there is no need to do anything at this time of year. The wasps die off in winter and the nest only gets used once. Keep an eye open next summer as they will probably try to start new nests in the same vicinity as this one. If you find the new nest whilst still tiny, size of as golf ball, then you can just knock them down.

30 Oct, 2013


Or buy a Waspinator which mimics a nest and discourages other wasps from nesting within about 20metres. They really work.

30 Oct, 2013


I made my own waspinators this year, and yes Volunteer they worked. I distributed 4 wasp: around the decking and patios , had the odd visitor but never worried us when we were enjoying food or drinks outside.

1 Nov, 2013

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