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By Jane40

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Could someone identify this flower. I bought it as a very small pot plant from a flower stall late 2009, but unfortunately the label was missing. It looks like some kind of alpine plant. It grew to about 6" in height.

On plant Aconitum




Do you have a photo of the leaves, or can you describe them?

28 Feb, 2010


could it be winter aconite?

1 Mar, 2010


Family Ranunculacea but |I would like to see more of the plant to go further, Jane.

1 Mar, 2010


Hi Dirt, Pamg and Bulbaholic.

Thanks very much for your replies. I have attached the original photo I took of this flower. It didn't have any leaves at all. I have now checked out Winter Aconite in my New Flower Expert book and the flower is totally identical.. Once again many thanks for your help.


1 Mar, 2010


I am glad that I waited for the second photo - I was going to say "not winter aconite" as they have this fringed collar behind the petals and I could not see it!
So now I agree. The original photo was very good though, Jane.

1 Mar, 2010



Many thanks for your help and your very kind comment on my original photo. Photography is my hobby and I often do a little processing on my flower photos in Photoshop and put them on a website. I am very fond of flowers and birds and photograph these most of the time.

Best Wishes


1 Mar, 2010

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