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Now the size of plug plants, I have various Nepeta, Malva sylvestris, Nigella and Aquilegia, grown from seed sown in September and now in the cold greenhouse (tho' still quite warm). Should I plant them out now, or keep them in the cold frame until Spring? Many thanks.




They are much too small to plant out, Sheila. keep them in the frame over winter.

30 Oct, 2013


Thanks Bulba - is it because they need more root to establish? (The Nigella are quite well developed, as are some Aquilegia not in my photo, about 4" high - maybe they'd be large enough??)

30 Oct, 2013


It is about to get quite cold and wintery Sheila. Your plants, still in the cold (but warm) greenhouse still need to be hardened off. I would still keep them in a frame over winter; keep the top open as much as possible for ventilation but close it down when heavy rain, snow, hard frost etc are forecast.
At the moment I am only planting out mature plants (two or three years old) and plants that I am moving or dividing.

30 Oct, 2013


Thanks so much Bulbaholic . . . really useful.

30 Oct, 2013

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