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HI, I've just smashed the pot for my "money plant" (Crassula 'Convoluta') I need to re pot it - I cant find what the best form of compost I should use is anywhere. Can someone help me please?I've had the plant 5+ years and want to give it a good chance in its new pot. Thanks.



Most people will probably tell you to use cactus compost with a little grit. I use a mixture of 3 parts peat based compost 1 part grit and 1 part coarse sand.

3 Nov, 2013


Just use well-drained soil mix/compost. Plants should be well watered and allowed to dry thoroughly before watering again - Ken

3 Nov, 2013


Well Myron you're right - I was going to say use cactus compost. But the main thing you need is to remember Free Draining.

3 Nov, 2013


Thanks guys - Sorry for being naive but what do you mean by free draining and also what will happen if I pot it in normal multi-purpose compost?

4 Nov, 2013


Free draining soil is pretty much any soil that is rough and irregular and large enough in particle size that water drains through it easily. Hence the need to add grit and/or sand. For example, compacted clay soil wouldn't be free draining, it would hold a lot of water and be detrimental to your plants because it might cause root rot.

4 Nov, 2013


Free draining means just that - water drains away more quickly than in normal soil or multi purpose compost. This is usually achieved by the addition of coarse sand and /or grit, which is what Myron does. Bought cactus compost will be very similar, just easier as it doesn't need you to go and buy sand and grit if you haven't got any. And you can buy it in small bags, intended for people who don't need very much.

If you pot it it normal multi purpose you will have to be much more careful about watering as succulents need to dry out between waterings. If they are left in damp soil too long they tend to rot. Succulents evolved to live in very dry places. They take up water into their thick leaves and stems when it rains, and can then last a long time without any. Wet soil is particularly dangerous for them in the lower temperatures and light levels of a British winter.

4 Nov, 2013


Very helpful and informative. Thanks!

5 Nov, 2013



6 Nov, 2013

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