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I bought a peace lily about 10 months ago. As it was in a very smallpox, I repotted it about 12 weeks ago and it has never really taken off. The white flowers are brown before they are fully grown although the leaves are very shiny. I water it once a week and it's on the hall table where it gets a little light. What can I do to improve it ?



Could you have over potted the plant? Peace Lilies actually prefer being slightly potbound. Sitting in your hallway it is also possible the plant is not warm enough and could be in a draft every time the outer door is open, also although they don't like full sun light they do need a reasonable amount of light.

4 Nov, 2013


Also they resent disturbance so it may settle down after a while. A north facing windowsill in a comfortably warm room seems to suit them. Shiny leaves sounds good so don't worry too much.

4 Nov, 2013

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