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For two years I have been trying to grow red bell peppers. I get lots and lots of peppers but as they start to turn red, they start shriveling up and turning soft. My tomatoes right next to them are producing in great quantity. Don't see any insects except grasshoppers around. Am I overwatering? I live in the high desert southwest. Summer temps reach 115°, but I keep them shaded. Now fall and temps in 70s-80s and the same thing. Lots of fruit and firm while green.



get some calcium for your plants. And mist them in very hot weather - I use epsom salts once a week for toms and peppers - this has reduced the problem a great deal -get the odd one going soft on me but I just cut it out once I see it - and I grow mine next to toms and cucumbers & Chillies with no or very little trouble

5 Nov, 2013


Adding calcium in the desert southwest is often like bringing coal to Newcastle, though it's sometimes effective in pots. Raejr, remember that there is often only a day or two difference from a ripe pepper and a shrivelled one, especially in summer. Varieties bred specifically for red peppers usually hold longer, but not by very much. Be sure to check your peppers frequently.

5 Nov, 2013


Pick slightly underripe but also look for any sign of damage, they always soften quicker

5 Nov, 2013


Tugbrethil -- Newcastle needs coal now -- we have NO pits

6 Nov, 2013


Well, shoot, Ken! I guess nothing lasts forever--except obsolete sayings! :)

8 Nov, 2013


Fridges to eskimo's?

9 Nov, 2013


Could be, Pam, except they like to be called Inuit (and a few other nations) now. Can't blame them--I never liked some of the names that I was called in school!

12 Nov, 2013

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