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Runner beans produce more beans when run up thicker supports

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Hello gardeners.

Reading Terry Waltons new book he suggests that the thicker the support the more runner beans you will get.

And I quote "While on the subject of bean poles, not a lot of people know that runner beans develop their flowers(and therefore their pods) at equal distances apart on the vine. So the thicker their supports, the more beans will be formed on a given height of plant, and really clever gardeners use very thick supports to achieve the heaviest crops."

Is this right. Do any of you gardeners use thicker supports than the standard bamboo cane?

Many thanks



Hi, I don't grow veg, but what I can say is that, whenever I've seen them growing in gardens or allotments, they're growing up "bean poles", 8ft or more high, and a lot thicker than bamboo canes, Derek.

5 Nov, 2013


my mum grows them up bamboo and string and she has always had a bountiful crop, so much so that even after giving them away and keeping some there is still plenty to left and more! she also had quite a few last year that were as long as my forearm and hand.

5 Nov, 2013


Working on this will I get a better harvest wiring together scaffold poles.

I have the means to cut them down, lol!

5 Nov, 2013


That's an interesting idea. I'll try it out next year with thick bean poles!

5 Nov, 2013


Mmmm! Thats interesting, think I will have try that idea next year, anyone got any Telegraph Poles they don't need LOL
Sorry, had to get that one in :o))

6 Nov, 2013


We actually have three in our garden but not in a good place for beans! (Great because we get rent for having them!)

6 Nov, 2013

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