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are viburnums ok to plant near brick work. Will the roots cause damage??



i wouldnt plant anything to close to brick work because the footings holding the wall up unless the plants have very shallow roots. climbers you plant about a foot to 18" away and lean them towards the wall. im not very good with plant names so maybe someone else will tell you better.take care bye for now .

1 Mar, 2010


Nosey's right in that nothing should be planted less than a foot from a wall, for the health of the plant if for no other reason. viburnums vary in size from 6 feet up to 15 feet, so I'd be planting a minimum of 3 or 4 feet from any wall to enable them to grow properly all round, rather than having to lean forward because there's a wall at the back of them. If you're worried about the roots causing damage to the wall, unless you're planting one that gets 15 feet, and as long as you keep the distance mentioned here, there shouldn't be a problem.

1 Mar, 2010

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