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i have some 20yr old seed from sapele tree. any hope of raising a plant from one?



I did some 30 years ago grow a tree from seed (a COX PIPPIN) with some Success I may add after 4 years it showed blossom but no fruit the 5 year it gave me fruit and very good fruit. I would plant the seed and let nature takes its course nothing ventured nothing gained. and trees have been growing from seed by there selves since time began. I would sow it now out doors in a pot – or force it by growing in doors. - Ken

ps/ I have a damson tree I may just try and grow another from seed this year.

10 Nov, 2013


Hi, as the seed is 20 years old, there is a good possibility that it is no longer viable, but you have nothing to lose by sowing them in a pot or tray, and see what happens, if they don't germinate, at least you will have learned that this particular seed does not keep for 20 years, Derek.

10 Nov, 2013

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