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My partner treated me to two lovely, large amaryllis bulbs yesterday. I have bought these in the past already planted in compost and containers and all they required was watering. My question is would you plant them in normal compost in pots with drainage as you would any other bulb/plant? I suppose you plant them with half the bult protruding from the compost?



Yes, normal compost with half the bulb protruding, as you say. I do the same.

9 Nov, 2013


Thank you Hywel.......last year my amaryllis (already planted) produced 18 flower was truly spectacular.

9 Nov, 2013


18 ! That's a lot ... I hope this year's will do the same :o)
The most I've had is 6 ...

9 Nov, 2013


The amaryllis was a red one bought from Scotsdales in Cambridge. It produced three stems and on each stem was 6 flower heads. It was a real beauty.

9 Nov, 2013


Hi, if you have a true Amaryllis, then you need to bury the bulb completely, just below the surface, in late summer, or in spring, as there is only 1 species of this, and is autumn flowering, what I suspect you have is a species of Hippeastrum, of which there are about 40, with many hybrids and cultivars, these are oten incorrectly sold as Amaryliss, but are less hardy, being frost tender, whereas Amaryllis is frost hardy.
You should plant the bulbs of Hippeastrum with the neck and shoulder above the soil in autumn, preferably in a loam based compost, {john innes no 2}, Derek.

9 Nov, 2013


You are quite right, Derek, what I have are two lovely large hippeastrum. I shall do as you say and hope for spectacular results later in the year. Thank you...Philip.

9 Nov, 2013

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